captured in the city of werewolves and ghostly horrors part 4

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2 min readMar 10, 2021


Our eyes glow with shock when the shady faces of terror watch our bodies while the leave the place of evil. Once outside the cold snowy street of terror we are once again spotted by the werewolves from hell in their speeding car of horrors. We then fast track down a long bank of torture towards a large supermarket in the distance.

The werewolves race their car after our shocked bodies with red eyes of horror burning rubber in the cold thick snow of evil. After a few minutes we finally reach the supermarket from hell noticing the grey glass door swinging open for our entry. I then hold a tired luitanet megs while we slowly walk through the hallway of entry.

At that moment a loud bell rings out and we run further down the long isles of terror while a dark figures begins to emerge from a small compact room of mystery. The horses then notice the figures grey uniform of mystery while its dark boot walk towards our shaken bodies.

A shocked silver prince notices its shinning badge of identity and begs us more on down the dark shop of horrors. We soon notice its the ghostly guard of horrors while the checkout ring and ting on their own with pace.

We then listen to the chuckling sounds of evil spirts from behind the tills of torture while the sound of dark ghostly boots come ever closer. Our army then run towards an open doorway of escape through to the dark warehouse of torture.

The horses then become terrified while the boots stop near our captured bodies with the ghostly operators screaming we are going to get you. All of a sudden tow humans are whisked off their feet and carried further down inside the warehouse of capture screaming for help whilst grabbing onto boxes for safety.

All of a sudden the ghostly guard laughs while the humans screams become louder and the checkout phantoms laughter becomes more evil than ever. We are then marched down towards a darker side of the warehouse by another two evil spirit guards and see the humans chained up on two red chairs of torture.

Our army are then forced to watch while checkout horrors begin to crowd around the screaming humans of mercy. we then notice the ghostly creatures begin their attack while the humans weep for mercy.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler