The humans huddle in the dark warehouse of evil while the phantoms begin to to attack their bodies of torture. Our eyes then glow with horror while the ghostly guards of terror laugh at our scared minds of torture.

All of a sudden the phantom checkout creatures crash a large hammer over the humans heads of mercy while the scream in pain with terror. A shocked luitent megs then begs for mercy while l hold her fighting body away from the creatures of spirit.

The horses then try and pull the humans out from the path of destruction but the guards of evil drag them back towards the warehouse door with intense power. An evil red eyed operator then dargs the hums towards a secluded corner of hate while others look on with evil joy.

Our eyes then glow with anger while the evil ghostly creature pulls their beaten bodies towards a large gulietine of evil in the dark corner. The other ghostly creatures then gather round while the mans head is placed on the block of execution with extreme ghost power.

A mask wearing creature then appears from a set of evil red stairs and holds its axe of execution over the mans sweating head of mercy. All of a sudden the ghostly horror swings it axe of evil and chops off the mans head with a quick swipe of terror.

Our army then scream for mercy while the headless body is removed from the object of destruction. The woman is the dragged on to the guiletine of terror while the ghostly axeman brings us his weapon of terror.

After a sea of screaming the womans head is chopped off with power and rolls down towards the man’s decapitated head on the dark floor of horrors. The silver prince then turns his sick head away while l comfort a weeping luitent megs in the corner of the warehouse.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler