The horses then spot the leaning warehouse door open and drag our tired bodies out towards the supermarkets windows of terror. Our army then escape the building of evil being chased by the evil phantoms of terror.

We then quickly run down the streets of terror while the snow falls down quickly covering the red road of horrors in our snow path. At that moment the silver prince then spots a flashing billboard in the far distance and tells us to follow his body.

Our army then quickly run down towards the flashing billboard of mystery and notice lots of cars outside a large blue building of something. I then hold onto a shocked luiitent megs while the horses notice werewolves walking from the building of mystery towards the large red cars of power.

All of a sudden one of the humans notice a suit wearing werewolf standing near the door of entry while a werewolf film flashes upon its big giant screen of torture. We then try and creep past the werewolf door men while the drooling creatures stand ready to enter the building of horrors.

At that moment one of the guards smells our sweat of intensity and howls towards our shaken bodies of capture. The other guards then pounce upon our scared bodies and drag us through the cinema of evil past the starring creatures of darkness.

A shocked luitent megs screams for help while the guards drag us towards the mangers room of terror within the blue building of evil. The kiosk wolves then glare at us while we stumble through the large building of torture towards the managers red door of terror.

we then glare at the lady vampire kiosk staff while they fly behind us wearing their short black mini skirted uniforms of evil torture. The dark suited vampires continue to stand at the kiosks handing out the red tickets of horror towards the advancing werewolf crowd.

Our bodies are then placed outside the managers office and guarded by the leather clad female werewolves of torture. The dark guards of terror then enter the managers office while evil laughs bellow out from ghostly mangers room of horrors.

written by wayne mockler ownership and copyright wayne mockler