The dark evil moors of torture part 1

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1 min readJun 11, 2024


The demon guards then walk us out from the court of evil with smoke pushing towards our faces of shock and peril. Our bodies of capture are then pushed back inside the police van and driven off along the road of mystery. I then hold a shocked luitent megs while the road gets bumpy while the van drives us towards the town of evil.

At that moment the silver prince looks out from our window bars of capture and notices we are heading out of town and towards the dark moors ofe mystery while the officers laugh in the fron seats of pity. After about half an hour of driving the van suddenly stops and we look around in fear of our fate.

All of a sudden the van doors open and we inhale the coldness of terror while we are pushed out onto the darks moors of mystery. The evil officers than take us towards some large black gates with stand around a long grey fence of mystery and covering the whole moors of mystery.

We are then puhed insdie the gates of horror and forced to walk into the moors while the officers lock the gates of dark gore with a key of mystery. At that moment the silver prince notices a large hut in the far distance while howls of mystery echo around the evil dark cold moors.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler