The evil forest of horror part 10

After walking up in sweat of shock l watch luitent megs and the blue lady looking at my naked body with eyes of shock . I then notice their naked body’s in the blue sunlight of mystery while we get up with tiredness.

At that moment l begin to notice the silver prince and horses looking deep towards the thick blue grass of horror at our eyes of terror. All of a sudden our eyes capture a naked figure running through the blue grass with blue skin.

The blue lady then jumps in the large strange grass of horror and captures the creature with her long hands of evil horror. A shocked luitent megs then follows her behind while they parade its body towards the silver prince and his army.

All of a sudden we start to hear loud drumming sounds in the distance while we look at it large blue body of male creature with golden horns and long dark fangs of menace. A satisfied blue lady then looks down at its long hanging penis and drags it towards a corner of lust while its strange voice echos for help.

A glowing luitent megs then helps the blue lady pull it dragging legs along while they glare at its long testicles of horror. We all then run along to watch while the warrior women get ready to torture and have sex with its captured body.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler



love music and writing lots of story’s for you to read

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