The evil forest of horror part 2

The blue creature of mystery then hides in a dark hole of horror while the ladies walk towards and kicking it body with anger. All of a sudden the blue lady thrusts its torso up and lays it on a bed of orange flowers with giggles of evil horror.

I then watch a shouting luitent megs hold its moving arms of escape while the blue sits on it chest with victory. Our army then crowd around to see more while luitent megs pins it arms down with force and honour.

I then look at the horses and silver prince glare of horror while the blue lady starts to grab it long testicles with a smile of enjoyment. At that moment the creature looks towards the red sky above while the blue lady begins to pull its penis with hands of power.

An open eyed luitent megs holds it arms firm while its try’s to escape it terror and torture. Our faces then smile with shocking horror while the blue lady rubs its long penis so hard it starts to grow around her hand and arm.

We then look on while it screams in pain and a grinning luitent megs looks for its cum coming out with eyes of horror. After a few more minutes they finally milk the creature with victory and see orange coming from its captured cock.

The creature begs for mery until an open eye luitent megs watches the blue lady shove a long lump of wood up it bottom until it passes out in pain. Our army then cheer with hands of horror while we walk away and leave it bent over a wooden bench of gore.

Our army then walk further into the forest of doom until we notice hundreds of blue natives watching us with faces of anger and hate. The silver prince and the horses tell us to double back but we are surrounded by the native creatures deep in the woods.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler



love music and writing lots of story’s for you to read

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