The evil forest of horror part 4

once our bodies arrive in the blue town of horror the natives suddenly appear from their doors of shocking anger. At that moment our faces begin to notice a large golden gigantic eggs of mystery in the distance.

Our heads then hang in shocking terror while a large drawbridge of terror starts to lower towards the towns pavement of terror. A shocked luitent megs then begins to notice bodies of horror hanging from dark trees while the natives march us forward.

At that moment the silver prince and horses start to notice strange yellow aliens starting to emerge from the drawbridge of horror holding sinister red swords in their claws of evil horror . Our faces then look up with utter shock while the natives begin to cut of the heads of each hanging body with knives of terror.

After chopping the heads off four hung bodies the aliens stand back while the natives cut off the the bodies faces of gore with great skill. We all then turn away in disgust while the yellow aliens begin to walk off the evil egg of destruction.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler



love music and writing lots of story’s for you to read

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