The ghostly victorian couple part 3

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1 min readMay 24, 2024

At that moment the red dragons walks in through a cold wall of mystery while the ghostly woman looks on with eyes of anger and hate. The red dragon is then joined by his green lady dragon of gore while we all watch on the screen of evil shock with eyes of adventure.

I then hold a shocked luitent megs while the dragons suddenly pull the silver prince away and walk him towards a red door of fire with purpose. An open eyed horse then notices the female dragons tail swing with excitement while the prince is walked through the door of capture with fire and smoke blowing into the air of shocking gore.

We stand amazed with anger when two knights are pulled from us and into the path of a smilling scantly clad ghostly woman who shuts with anger while we stand and look at the screen of doom above us. The victorian man then ties up each knight and begins to unclip their armour whilst the evil woman looks on with eyes of evil torture.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler