The ghostly victorian couple part 6 land of the dragons

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1 min readMay 28, 2024

After a while we begin to waok with the red dragons along their graasy land of beauty towards a large grey hill in the distance. I then hold a shocked luitent megs by the hand while the prince leads the way with the dragon captains of saviour.

Our bodies then walk towards a rope bridge of mystery while we look at glowing blue skies of love and fortune. The horses trot besdie us while the eat the green grass of love and shake their heads towards the sunlight of love beaming down upon us.

We then slowly walk over the rop bridge towards a strange hut of mystery across our view. The red dragons then look around at our faces of smiles and jumping bodies while we start to exit the bridge towards the large brown hut at the other side of mystery.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler