The werewolf guards then lead us out towards the cinema of hell while the other werewolf creatures howl along the cinema corridors of evil torture. Our army is then dragged along the blue walls of torture towards the cinema entrance with anger.

We are then made to sit on some long red chairs near the closing coffee shop of evil torture. At that moment the werewolves embark from their films of evil don the hallways of escape.

Our eyes then watch in complete terror while the werewolves pass by our scared bodies smelling our heads of fear. At that moment the creatures stop and glare at our hands of mercy before walking closer towards us.

The horses then stand in front of us and guard our shaking bodies with pride and honour. All of a sudden a large hairy hand of evil pulls me and luitent megs from our army and drags us towards a corner of torture.

A shocked silver prince then holds his long silver sword up and begins to chop off a few of the werewolves heads before we are pinned to the corner of attack. Our hand then hold each other tight until four of the werewolves pull luitent megs towards a long dark bench of evil.

I am then held by a cluster of evil short skirted vampires while the werewolves pin her down onto the bench of capture.

The horses then beg for mercy while the hairy werewolves begin to rip open her dark pants of modesty. The silver prince try’s to save her body of torture but the werewolves tear down her dark pants to reveal a small red thong of modesty.

Our army then listen to the werewolves growls of excitement while the creatures rip open her blue shirt and black bra of cover. I then beg for mercy while the werewolves tear off her bra and panties with power leaving luitent megs naked at the hands of evil howling werewolves.

I then tell her red face of horror to stay calm while the creatures hold her down on the dark floor of evil. A shocked horse and his army can only watch while the werewolves have sex with her on the bench of horror with her consent whilst she’s shouting revenge.

After a few minutes the smiling hairy horrors leave her tired body with the horses while l am dragged to another corner by the screaming female vampires of horror. The evil women werewolves then chain my body to a chair whilst l beg for mercy.

At that moment tow of the vampires run their claws down my shirt and rip it off with a power of terror leaving me topless The creatures then run their blue hands along my chest and sides tickling me with fast claws of torture.

I then scream with horror while the vampires tickle and scratch my chest all over and glare with red eyes of horror. The other two vampire women then begin to rip open my pants of modesty leaving me in black underwear of decency.

All of a sudden they tear off my black underpants with power and play with my penis making it hard while luitent megs screams for mercy and revenge. I then sit back in scared defeat while the blue vampires have sex with me tied to the chair of evil.

After a few minutes the vampires let my tired body rest and carry me back naked towards the cell of evil capture. The werewolves then place me inside while our army vow revenge on the evil werewolf and vampire creatures.

written by wayne mockler

ownership and copyright wayne mockler